The Power of Habit


I just graduated from college on Friday, and I’m getting ready to move to Atlanta this week to start my new job on this upcoming Friday. In the span of a week, my whole life is about to change! My habits will change, my routines will change. It can go horribly wrong (pizza and wings for breakfast, like I did all last week during finals), or horribly … right (running every morning? Doing yoga and eating salads?)

I read this book by Charles Duhigg back when I was still an advertising major. It’s all about the effectiveness of changing habits, and the best time to do that is during a big life change (a divorce, a new child, a graduation, a big move).


The way habits are formed is through the interaction between cues,¬†routines, and rewards. Something happens in your life, you leave your shoes by the bed, and your routine kicks in – do you put them in the closet or choose to leave them there? The reward follows after – you either have left your shoes under the bed and one gets kicked under, meaning it takes longer to leave for work, or they’re in the closet. Ready when you need them. It’s in this system that you learn to build better habits, by identifying these stages and rectifying them.

I started making my bed this semester, and it’s made a huge difference. It inspires me to keep my room clean, my desk clean, and I’ve spent so much time working at my actual desk lately, like I’m supposed to. It causes chain reactions!

Since all these big changes are about to happen, I’m going to take this chance to remake myself as a successful post-grad, in real life and on the screen.

Anyone else in this position?

Onward & upward!


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