Puppy Dynamic of the Day: Coco & Mocha

Dear internet, this is Coco.

tumblr_mr1fwwsdIx1qdlgako4_500Patrick and I found her running up the highway in Athens over the summer, and since we couldn’t find anyone she belonged to my brother took her in. He already had one dog, Mocha:

Photo Dec 25, 2 54 19 PMShe’s much older than Coco, about five years old. Well behaved, well trained, very calm and doesn’t try to escape when you open the door. She does however, like to rack up expensive vet bills by eating socks.

Photo Dec 25, 1 34 46 PMThey eat so fast my brother feeds them out of muffin tins, because it keeps them from inhaling the entire bowl in one go – pretty smart if I do say so myself!

These two dogs love each other so much. I’ve been dog-sitting them all week and watching their dynamic is so fun!

They play….

Photo Dec 25, 7 14 11 PM

And they cuddle…

Photo Dec 26, 11 04 06 PM

And they exclude my own dog, who’s a big old curmudgeon anyway.

Photo Dec 26, 11 01 05 PM

I  just love them.




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