Two Georgia Peaches on ice: My trip to Boston

My best friend Emily moved to Boston last week, and I flew up there with her for a couple days to help her get settled. Being from the south, and only having seen *real* snow twice in my life (making a snowman out of snow flurries and mud doesn’t count as winter), I was immediately in for a wake up call once we stepped outside. This was the same day as the blizzard that came before the polar vortex, when the whole country freaked out and canceled thousands of flights. We made it safely, but once I’d been in Boston for two hours I found myself wishing I was back in cozy, warm Georgia.Photo Jan 04, 10 02 12 AM

The neighborhood was beautiful. Super historic and beautiful buildings, each one as quirky as the next. Emily needed things from Target so we walked to the T and took it a couple stops.

Photo Jan 05, 3 42 41 PM

Boston has America’s oldest subway system, and the running joke there is that “they haven’t updated it since.” Very old and rickety, but hey, it got us where we needed to go!

Everything outside of Target was snowed over.

Photo Jan 04, 12 07 52 PM

Photo Jan 04, 11 59 35 AM

We dropped off the stuff and went back downtown to explore some more, taking Lyft this time.

Photo Jan 04, 11 36 23 AM

Photo Jan 04, 10 54 06 AM

Photo Jan 04, 11 14 38 AM

Photo Jan 04, 10 53 07 AM

At 2 PM we got back to the apartment, and called Ikea to see about getting same day delivery for Emily’s furniture, so we could assemble it all before I had to leave. After a wild goose chase with the automated phone system, I managed to get ahold of a person, who said we had to be there at 3. The Ikea was 20 miles away and we had no car. We hurriedly called a taxi and told them to rush us as fast as they could to Ikea – we pulled up at 2:51 and I fell out of the car, sprinting like hell (in the snow) to the counter. I made it there at 2:53 and the girl at the counter told me, very matter-of-factly, “oh, no, we stopped doing that at 2:30.”

Photo Jan 04, 10 13 26 AM

Frustrated, Emily and I brainstormed. We’d seen a Home Depot coming in, and remembered that they rented big ass trucks for you to haul construction materials in. We got our taxi friend to drop us off, and hastily filled out the paperwork for the truck. Emily and I drove it back to Ikea, and since we were in a huge truck we had to park in this far away lot, completely covered in snow.

Photo Jan 04, 6 06 30 PM

Now, remember, Emily was driving a truck larger than she was used to, in the snow, in a foreign city. Lots of panicking. We grabbed the furniture as fast as we could, and hauled it the best we could through the snow (this includes a mattress and bed frame, being dragged by two girls through two feet of snow). We had to buy a phone charger on the way back because both of our phones were dead (perfect).

Photo Jan 04, 4 26 18 PM

We dropped the furniture off at her house, took the truck back, and tried to walk back over to the Staples to return the charger. I fell into a three foot deep snowbank and just screamed for Emily to “GO ON, LEAVE ME HERE” — but we made it, soggy, dirty, tired, and flustered, walking into Staples. The nice cashiers made fun of us. We took Uber home and got all the furniture assembled.

Photo Jan 05, 12 47 13 PM

Photo Jan 05, 1 45 26 PM

Photo Jan 05, 1 42 40 PM

Explored some more Sunday morning, but then it was time for me to go home.

Photo Jan 05, 5 40 31 PMI can’t wait to go back in March!


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