On Drawing

tumblr_mu2vwf1jjF1qaitt0o1_1280I’ve never been good at drawing from life — my illustrations are derived from photographs or abstraction, and I’ve always liked it that way. But I never wanted to give up on a skill like this! I went to see Ken Carbone speak at MODA last week, and over his lifetime he’s filled up hundreds of journals with painting, sketching, doodling, drawing, writing, and everything in between. Just because I work on a computer doesn’t mean my ability to hand craft something should diminish.

For one, I love this image I found on Tumblr – we used to draw photographs with a grid back in ninth grade, where each square of the picture corresponds proportionally with a square on your paper. It breaks the image down into manageable chunks that overall contribute to the whole success of your drawing. I never thought you could do that with real life! Looks just like plexiglass with lines cut by an exacto knife, wedged between two pieces of foam core. Brilliant! I’d love to get my hands on some and try this.



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