Our trip to Arabia Mountain

Yesterday, Darien called at 7:30 in the morning to rouse me out of bed to go on a hike. I whined, I complained, but I couldn’t sleep anyway because the construction next door at Ponce City Market had started early. So I rolled out of bed and bundled up in my warmest winter gear, at least for a Georgian, and met up with the rest of the group to embark. By 8 AM, we were on the way to Arabia Mountain!



I took some of these pictures, and Darien took some of these pictures

After about twenty minutes of walking down the paved path, we noticed a rocky area through the trees, and decided that way a way better option than the miniature road that led to Stonecrest Mall.

There was so much ice, every puddle was frozen over and there were some we though we could step on, but were wrong. I won’t say who, but someone (Tony), misstepped and landed his shoes in icy water. Whoops!


19Kelsey and I found the spooky ruins of what must’ve been an old prison. I’m glad it wasn’t torn down, I love stuff like this!

21We noticed three cairns near each other and Darien, Franklin, and Tony went to go scope them out – these are their “manliest” poses. Sure, okay.

22 24

Every time a plane flew over we tried to take a picture so it looked like Kelsey was pinching it. Almost!

18 17We found a bike rack shaped like a bike (so clever), and Tony and Franklin tried their hardest, after much trial and error, to make it look like that famous scene from Titanic.


31 29 28 27

13 14 15Even the bare trees in winter were so pretty! Darien got tree sap on my camera, which I managed to get all over myself trying to clean it off.

11On the way back to the car, we noticed an actual mountain we could climb, so everyone else took off running to the top.

10 6

At the top, all of the potholes (which Dustin later told me was from lightning strikes) had ice on top. Darien picked one up and kicked it, which looked epic.

9 8Tony punched one, which looked pretty epic. But oops —

7Some of the ice whipped back and cut him in the face. Sorry Tony, I think this time, nature won.

5 3 4

All in all, what a great day! I was originally planning to sleep in, but sometimes it’s better to say yes more often.



One response to “Our trip to Arabia Mountain

  1. My dad and I spent SO much time at Arabia Mountain when I was a kid! I took my first ever portrait there: my dad, on a rock, on 110 film, by 6 or 7 yr old Alyssa 🙂

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