Making sausages!

A month from now, my mom will be on a plane heading to Romania — she’s been asked to be the keynote speaker for a three day conference on child custody cases, and is a mixture of excited and nervous about going. Part of her preparation has been buying annotated Romanian cookbooks and reading them out loud to me as we cook.

Today we tried making authentic sausages! We had to go to a butcher shop and  buy six feet of HOG CASINGS (ew).



We mixed the meat up, and then shoved it through a pastry bag into the casing! It was so hard to move the meat through the pastry bag, I was often on the counter with my knees trying to press down.

Processed with VSCOcam 3 4

In the end, we made so many sausages, cooked one of them to try it out, and they were so good!





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