Best Instagram photos from #SnowedOutAtlanta

On Tuesday, the city of Atlanta was hit by an inch of snow and the whole city shut down. Before those of you in the north scoff and make fun of us, remember: we only get snow once every couple of years. We’re not prepared for this; no one I know owns snow shovels or chains for their tires, and the city doesn’t have huge fleets of sand and salt trucks. It’s just so infrequent. There was a LOT of controversy surrounding Atlanta being unprepared for this, but I want to focus on the good stuff for now. (Check the links above if you want to get caught up).

I went through the #SnowedOutAtlanta and #hothlanta hashtags yesterday, from the comfort of my electric blanket and hot cocoa, and picked out my favorites:


Via Instagram | @jordvnjung


Via Instagram | @jweiss430


Via Instagram | @cornitattoo


Via Instagram | @dayvee98


Via Instagram | @loadofscrap


Via Instagram | @bikinikillerz


Via Instagram | @swaltonfilm


Via Instagram | @maryrebecca


Via Instagram | @boatgoat


Via Instagram | @yoyoferro


Via Instagram | @reecemor22


Via Instagram | @ladyv__

This picture (above) doesn’t exactly count as an Instagram photo, but nothing fills me with more joy than seeing people selflessly helping each other. There were immediately tons of Facebook groups dedicated to helping and getting help. I’m lucky because I live intown and missed almost all of the carnage, but I was also far enough away from the traffic that I couldn’t walk or drive to help my fellow Atlantans.


Via Instagram | @spicy_virgo


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