Black Pasta

I decided to entertain myself and Ryan during the snow day by making black pasta, out of squid ink. It’s pretty simple: I buy this stuff from Amazon, because I couldn’t find it anywhere in town. It’s $9 for about a package, which is all you need.

To make black pasta, you start by mixing the squid ink into three eggs. I used my magic bullet to get it mixed extremely well, until it was thick black. Pretty gross looking, Ryan covered his mouth with his hand when he saw it, like an “oh my god” gesture.

Next, you make a volcano out of 2 cups of flour, like this, and pour the black egg mixture inside. Gently mix the flour in, and when it gets too hard to mix with a fork/whisk, start kneading it, like this:

Photo Jan 29, 2 39 44 PM Start rolling it out flat and thin, with either a pasta machine (pictured below) or with a rolling pin. I started out with a rolling pin, and later graduated to a cheap little pasta machine from Target. I’ve actually upgraded since then and gotten a much nicer one, but we all start somewhere!

Photo by Jess Smith,

Photo by Jess Smith,

This is actually too long of a piece – I got overzealous. Cut it in half on the table with a pizza cutter (or pastry wheel) and head back over to the pasta machine.

Photo by Jess Smith,

Photo by Jess Smith,

I cut mine on the fettucine setting. If you don’t want to make long pasta and you want to do something else, there are myriad things you can do with sheets of pasta. More on that later, I’m sure.

Photo Jan 29, 3 20 46 PM

Before and after the pasta was cut, I floured it pretty well with a sifter to keep it from sticking.

Photo Jan 29, 4 00 41 PM

When we dumped the pasta into the pot of boiling water, the pot was BLACK. And this wasn’t the water – if you dipped a spoon in, you’d see that it was totally clear water.

Photo Jan 29, 4 06 57 PM

Homemade pasta only takes a few minutes to cook, so once it was done we paired it with the homemade sausage and a tomato sauce. Yum!

To recap:

Black Pasta

1 packet Squid Ink (About 2 tbsp)

3 eggs

2 cups of flour

1. Mix ink into eggs until uniform  2. Mix flour into eggs, knead 3. Break into four chunks, wrap with saran wrap, let it settle for 15 minutes 4. Roll out individual chunks on pasta machine until thin (setting 1 or 2) 5. Flour well, to keep from sticking 6. Feed through cutting end of pasta machine 7. Boil for 3-5 minutes



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