Top 5 Remixes to Listen to Right Now

If you’re familiar with The Hype Machine, you may either think of it fondly or as a chaotic, cluttered space with too much music you don’t want to hear. I often leave it running as dubstep background noise, but every now and then, a remix piques my interest and I turn up the volume with the intrigue of a kitten discovering a yarn ball.

These five tracks I think are excellent remixes or mashups of good music, and I think you’ll enjoy them.

Lorde – Royals (The Weeknd Remix)

What was originally a stripped down, simple sounding song has the bass upped big time, replacing the snapping with heavy beats. Still slow and sensuous, matching Lorde’s voice with the soft slow grooving voice of Abel Tesfaye. I saw The Weeknd in concert last summer, I could see them doing a great real life duet.

Grizzly Bear – Will Calls (Diplo Remix)

Not usually a huge fan of Diplo’s music, I can’t overlook that this remix has easily picked up more speed than the original song. The original starts slow, mostly just voice and very intermittent percussion. Diplo’s version starts out heavier, musically gets to the point quicker, with more emphasis on the voice and beats.

Wait What – Mouthful of Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Kanye West vs Phantogram)

I’m a sucker for mashups that sound like they were always supposed to sound that way. Kanye’s voice mixed with Phantograms slow pulse jams perfectly.

William Fitzsimmons – So This is Goodbye (Pink Ganther remix)

Probably the most chill on this list, I can’t get over how urgently calm it feels. This was original a heartbreakingly acoustic track, but the beat behind it makes me feel like I could just dance my heartbreak sorrows away.

Cillie Barnes – Veranda (RAC remix)

An easy favorite, I’ve never heard something by RAC I didn’t like. They do a great job of boosting a song’s potential without changing it too much, and produced a polished, finished sounding project. Cillie Barnes’ voice in this is haunting and lovely.


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