Eleven Things to Make This Year

I love to make things, I don’t think people should ever stop. If you have limbs, you can make something special (especially with the advent of Pinterest and the tutorial-overload culture). I have been a seamstress, a milliner, a homebrewer, a stained-glass maker, a breadbaker, and candlemaker. I make so many things, because I get bored. But the act of making things isn’t like riding a bike, it’s a muscle you have to keep building. Start with a tutorial, and then branch out.

It’s been awhile since I’ve made something simply for pleasure. This isn’t really a new year’s resolution because we’re in the middle of February, but it’s a promise to myself to stay in more and MAKE. If you need inspiration, here are eleven things I’m going to make this year (and presumably blog about, feel free to join me on my journey and make together!):

1. DIY Candle Houses

What’s not to love about these? They’re quick, don’t take much by way of materials, and look so special. Would make a fantastic gift or just something nice to brighten up your home.


2. Chocolate dipped bowls?!

Get in my mouth, please! This is the same concept as making candles,  you fill up a balloon and repeatedly dip in melted chocolate until you build up a husk. I don’t know what keeps it from popping, but I’m definitely excited to try this one out. Especially since I started buying the boozy ice cream across the street from my loft — yum!


3. Two-Tone Sunglasses

So easy, and just in time for the beginning of spring/summer. Color block is always in, at least in my book, and you can totally customize these. What about …. glitter? I remember Limited Too had some pretty gaudy glitter nailpolish back in the day, I may need to venture in to grab some for these. Too bad I have to wear prescription sunglasses to get anywhere, and don’t want to ruin them with nail polish. Maybe Ryan will let me snazz his shades up.


4. Secret Bookcase Storage!

Now, the caption on Pinterest says this would be a great place to stash sewing supplies. But Ryan and I have been watching Breaking Bad for the last few weeks, so obviously I’m thinking you could hide money or other nefarious items there. Who knows? I just know it’s super clever.


5. Fudge-Filled Chocolate Ravioli!

You knew this was coming … chocolate marscapone filling with yummy chocolate pasta wrapped around. I tried this with Forrest when we were in NYC and it was the most amazing thing I’d ever had, even uncooked. The recipe isn’t different from regular ravioli, there’s just so much more pizazz to it. I can’t wait! What about a strawberry sauce to go on top?Mushroom-Brushetta-009-533x800

6. A Real Life Chalkboard Drawing That Doesn’t Suck

These are hard, like really hard to do. And I’m not really sure I have the patience or attention span to really do one correctly, but it’s worth a shot. We have some good chalkboard real estate available in our house, could be amazing practice space. I want to try this one first!


7. Chalkboard Coffee Mug

This would be great for coffee shops, super cute way to tell patrons which belongs to who. Or just in my house, so I don’t forget? Who knows. I’m a big fan of chalkboards, so this will probably happen sooner rather than later. I did learn though, never put these in the dishwasher.


8. My Own Bathing Suit … Again!

I made my own bathing suit a couple years ago, and it’s very very plain because I was unsure that I was doing it correctly. It’s just solid black, high-waisted like this one. I love these vintage ruffles, and I bet they’re almost impossible to find these days (all the bikinis I see are just stringy string string bikinis, and I hate that style!). So why not make one that fits perfectly? Super excited about this summer.0c307ef1c7e894aec22cf8337de4c3d0

9. Paper Dome Diorama

This one’s low on the list because it’s less useful, but oh so beautiful. These are technically available from an artist, but they’re not that hard to make. Just get lost in an art store from a couple hours and you’ll emerge, totally stocked for whatever you want to make.227d2715bbfcd61cbb1e757f5b80751f

10. Giant Photo Collage! 

There are services now that print Instagram pictures for either very cheap or free entirely. I’d love to take advantage of this by framing all my friends and favorite things to go on my wall (I have so much white wall space, I’m always wondering what cool pictures and posters I can buy next).


11. Striped Pasta

This is piggybacking onto the black pasta I like to make. It’s not much harder to make striped pasta, although to do it well I’d need to invest in a special cutter called a chitarra. This picture is from a seller on Amazon, so I’m sure they’re doing it mechanically. However, I’ve made striped pasta before! Or pasta that was a different color on each side…. the possibilities are endless.



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