Fudgey-filled Chocolate Ravioli for Valentine’s Day

I’ve been mesmerized by the idea of chocolate ravioli for the past year, when I was in NYC with Forrest and we got the chance to try some. Visiting this pasta place really jumpstarted my pasta love; I was so excited there were so many beautiful options for pastas! 392934_1763812171135_1101220650_n



I’ve made chocolate pasta before (below), and it wasn’t too hard to produce, just a step up in difficulty or so. I hadn’t tackled making ravioli before because I had no idea what the filling was supposed to be. I’d love to just melt chocolate directly into each pocket, but I’m pretty sure there’s a more sophisticated way to do it.tumblr_mjsn82xc651qdlgako4_500

Ryan’s birthday was the same weekend as Valentine’s Day, which was perfect. First, I commissioned this portrait of him, and then locked myself in the kitchen for several hours to make this ravioli as a second present. I used this recipe from Bell’Alimento, but I wasn’t a huge fan of how they did it. I know in the future I’ll make mine differently.

The dough was so beautiful, and it smelled so good to make.


I found a pastry bag Ikea randomly in a corner of the store, and decided it would do just fine. It was kind of poor quality and leaked on my hands, but hey, it cost like three dollars and was a step up from cutting the corner out of a zip-loc bag! Pasta2

Mixing the mascarpone filling, at this point my camera is sticky with mint and chocolate and sugar (oops).




They were a little watery to cook; the filling didn’t solidify as well as it did back in NYC, but it was definitely a step in the right direction. I want to make some kind of boozy strawberry sauce to go on top. Next time…

There was so much leftover dough that I cut the remainder into chocolate pappardelle. Should be a delicious dessert sometime this week!



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