another internet person’s comments on the How i met your mother finale

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) started in 2005. I was fourteen years old — I didn’t start watching the show until around 2009, when I went to college. My friend Phoebe raved over it for years before I finally got around to seeing it, and then I regretted not watching it from the beginning. Ryan hates it because it has a laugh track and Emily picks on it because it’s basically Friends II, but to me, HIMYM is so fresh, so funny, such a perfect show. It’s my brand of humor (puns and social commentary), the music is always on point, and weirdly enough, I found that I owned quite a bit of the same clothing pieces as the characters on the show (why that third one was so alarming beats me). I felt like I was the perfect target, and it was the perfect show for me. This show is quirky, and I’m quirky. I don’t know, it works. The end of this show makes me feel like I’m losing an important friend.

In 2005 I was just beginning high school. I didn’t even watch TV in high school, I didn’t until I started college. I can’t remember what I was like back then, the kind of person I was. I developed into an adult with this show, and I feel like it affected me for the better. Social things made more sense to me. I watched my favorite episodes after breakups, and repeatedly binge-watched whole seasons during grueling class projects. Every time someone said they’d never seen it I’d sit them down, force them to watch an episode, and they were hooked. I wanted to be these characters, I wanted to live in this world. This show made me want to move to New York (I still do for other reasons). Sure, the quality faltered here and there, but as it stands, How I Met Your Mother is my all-time favorite show. And I’m so sad that it’s over.

I read the commentary during and between every season, all the speculation about who the mother might be and how they finally meet. I knew early on that they’d already recorded the end, and that kind of bugged me. I don’t think they even needed to show the kids at the end. We, as viewers, spent ten years getting up to a point where we were ready to meet literally any woman and have her be the mother, and Cristin Milioti totally nailed it. She’s exactly who I wanted her to be. And part of me is so sad the creators felt like they had to kill her off.

Overall, I think it was solid. I was satisfied with the mother, and satisfied with the wrapping-up sense of the last season. It’s realistic, with a hint of Hollywood. I am definitely going to watch all nine seasons in a row when this one is on Netflix.


(y’all lost a point for breaking my heart okay)

Images from the How I Met Your Mother website.


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