People Really Love This Mirror Thing at Coachella

I didn’t get to go to Coachella because I’m not cool enough, but since Paste Design has been exploring street style as a recurring theme, we wanted to pull style pictures from Instagram. I set up a location-specific alert through If This Then That, which would dump pictures Instagrammed at a specific location (this one being the festival grounds) into a selected Dropbox folder. I could then pick the style photos I liked, compile an awesome gallery, and voila. As the pictures starting coming in, I kept noticing this mirror thing. What is this?? Alien pod? Lightup dance box? Part of the Outkast set? Either way, it’s Instagram selfie bait. Enjoy.

Where_s_Cely___mirrormirror__notatcoachellanomo__postcoachelladepression__coachellawithdrawals_by_heycely Mirror_photo_balloon_selfie_shot__richardguaty__iamsamlim_by_fedeamati Rather_be_chilling_with_these_two___coachella_by_curtlocs Come_a_little_closer__then_you_ll_see__things_aren_t_always_what_they_seem_to_be__cagechella_by_nerd6 Just_chillin_at_chinchillaaaa__coachella2014__jojobeanz__mccorde__brace2__pierrebaron__100happydays__day67__speshlife_by_speshleman _tbt_My_happy_place______coachella__hooping__hooplah__hoopdance__flow_by_a_mandala _tbt_to_where_I_wish_I_was_again_this_weekend__coachella__withdrawals__takemeback_by_lindsaywright_ _by_elsbitho _golfcartselfie__selfie__golfcartpimpin__coachella__production_by_drosenash


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